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At a time of greater prosperity throughout the world, why is that so many people are unhappy? Through the author's experiences as a professional counselor and his strong interest in science and technology, you will have the opportunity to explore how we can find meaning in the 21st century. The contents of "WHY" will explore some of the following questions:- Why do pain and suffering exist?- What will replace the major religions of today as they are quickly losing their significance?- Are we on the threshold of creating eternal life?- Why do some people resist change?- Will gene editing eradicate diseases such as cancer?- What are some new medical advances that will help us live longer and healthier?- Will virtual reality allow us to create our own narrative?- What does survival of the fittest mean in the 21st century?- What are some technological advances that will profoundly change our lives?- Could climate change lead to our extinction?- What can the average person do in the fight against global warming?- Why are we here?

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